When is the Right Time to Ask Questions during a College Tour?

If you are like most people, you were probably excited to get into college. You probably spend your last of high school imagining how college will turn out for you. Even before we join college, we have heard plenty about campus life from family and close friends. Therefore, it is inevitable that one looks forward to their first day in college with much eagerness and anticipation.

On your first day in college, the institution will usually provide a tour guide to take you around the school. Most new students look forward to seeing what their new home looks like in full. As such, most students will be curious about a lot of things they see around them for the first time. Some may be compelled to ask the questions immediately. Others may suppress their curiosity and keep the questions for later.

Most students are conflicted about the most ideal time to ask their questions. Since they are in a new environment, it becomes even more stressful to judge the situation appropriately. This article looks to digest asking questions during and after the college tour and the most apt approach.

Asking Question during the Tour

The first thing you should understand is there is no right or wrong way to ask questions. As a matter of fact, questioning has been the basis of modern education, as we know it. It is all about reading the room. This should come quite easy for someone who has earned their rightful place in a higher learning institution.

You can, hence, ask questions during the college tour in some of these scenarios.

*If you have a pressing question relevant to what the tour guide is conveying at the moment, you can raise your hand. This shows your respect for them and gives the tour guide a chance to complete their current trail of thought.

*If you are looking for clarification on a particular thing that the tour guide has mentioned, it would be sensible to ask your question at that specific moment. This also applies to a scenario where a fellow student may have asked a question you want to be clarified, or have any insight to add.

*If you are inclined to think that you will forget your question, you can similarly raise your hand and wait for the guide to notice you. When such is the case, it is essential to consider whether your question is related to the current message.

Asking Questions after the Tour

On the other hand, you may consider writing down your question to ask later if.

*It is not a pressing question as far as the subject at hand goes. If you think the question will still hold its weight later, then write it down.

*You think your question will interrupt the flow of activity, then the question should wait. Write it down then ask later when it is more convenient write my essay.

In conclusion, you should seek to read the atmosphere to determine whether to write down your questions or ask immediately. Whatever the case, be polite enough to raise your hand.

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